I'm Anna-Marie McLemore. 

I write books. 


my newest releases include a reimagining of The Great Gatsby in which Gatsby and Nick fall in love on the page (SELF-MADE BOYS) and a high fantasy novel about a transgender prince (VENOM & VOW).

my next book is a Southwestern Gothic horror novel about a finishing school that turns girls into frightening pleasant versions of themselves (FLAWLESS GIRLS).

currently I'm working on my debut adult novel about a family of influencers, best described as Knives Out on Instagram (THE INFLUENCERS). 

here you'll find a little more about me, my novels, and my short stories


(oh, and to answer a question I tend to get asked: as an author name, I still use Anna-Marie McLemore. but a lot of people call me A-M in contexts like greetings or casual conversations where only first names would be used. so if you send me an email and would like to start it with "Hi A-M," you're welcome to!)